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About Us

who We Are?

This pandemic era has changed everything around us from top to root. It's a time of breakdown not just physically but mentally and financially. Many around us have lost their loved ones. On this hard time, we are happy to introduce Heal365 through which we provide job security to many, especially women. Serving people who are in need is the greatest achievement anyone can have. Heal365 is a healthcare service provider based in Kerala. Our objective is to be a helping hand for people in need of home care. The patients are provided with quality services & good care with compassion and dedication. Our initiative is to make healthcare more accessible and at the comfort of their home.

We only hire professionals with ample healthcare service background and are verified by the regulatory authorities. To aid easy access to health care at your fingertips, we have a Mobile based home health care application that helps in availing the service wherever you demand and deserve.

Joining hands with Harsham-Happiness Redefined

harsham happiness

We are extremely happy that we have been able to join hands with the Harsham – Happiness redefined program, a government initiative by Kudumbashree, through which can give employment opportunities to many women around us. And we are keenly looking forward to being an active participant in this woman empowerment program.

How Heal365 works

“Our dream is a community where each individual has access to the medical support they deserve. Our patient’s trust in us is our success and their wellbeing is our topmost priority. We strive to make a positive change in everyone’s life around us. “

We understand the difficulties of a person who has to stay at home and needs a hand to do their daily routine. Heal365 assure the patients & their family that we will fulfill your request for home care services with experienced & qualified healthcare professionals only.

When a patient is identified; they will be contacted by a qualified doctor in person/ by call. Then the doctor decides the patient’s requirements by evaluating their health condition & current needs. Then the caregiver/the home care assistant/bystander will be sent to your home or the address provided to serve the patient as per the Doctor’s instructions; with care & love.

Patient Assisting

In level one, Heal365 will assist the patient with a few needs. That is limited to ‘assisting’ the patient to buy medicines, get medical reports, regular injections, take them to the hospital in case of emergency for their regular doctor visits. The service will be helpful to those who are unable to go out as the health condition restricts them; those children are living far away. The service will be completed by a skilled person. We assure 100% perfection with 100% satisfaction. We will make sure that the patient’s needs are fulfilled.

Bedridden patients

Bedridden patients are those who cannot move for their daily activities without any help. They are patients suffering from stroke with/ without catheters, paralysis, & any other illness, which stops them from living a regular daily life. The patients must have take bath, change their clothes, take medication, appointments with doctors, laboratory requirements, & other personal needs. It will be fulfilled by a knowledgeable caregiver. The covid-19 pandemic is a big issue. We care for the patient & the one who assists them. The person will take care of the patient with all possible precautions which will protect the patient & the home care assistant itself from any infectious diseases. They will be arriving at your doorstep by fulfilling the current healthcare protocol. Morals are our priority while providing a service like this.

Postoperative care

All surgeries are risky. Postoperative care is the care post-surgery. To perform a surgery a group of people has to come together & do it perfectly as a team. For every patient, who has overcome the surgery phase, it will be like a rebirth. The patients are in the recovery stage. This is the time they need special attention & care. Even a confident person will be tense, become mentally weak. Quick recovery always happens where patients’ minds & souls are in positive energy. Postoperative care includes Nursing care, Psychologist Consultation, Physiotherapy Exercise. Heal365 will be happy to be a part of your second life

Assistance & more

The patients with Peg tube, Ryles tube, catheter care, colostomy & tracheostomy are in level 3. They have to be treated well. Infection is the biggest threat that may risk the patient’s life. We care for people with all the necessary procedures like sanitizing, wearing masks & clean glouse. The patient needs to clean the tubes that are attached to their bodies, regular medicine intake & doctors updated advice to be followed, will be taken care of.

Extreme care level

The patients are in emergency/ end-stage, in simple words patients who are on the end of Life care or let’s say a dead person. The unexpected Covid 19 outbreak, even the death of a person became a difficult situation. The caregiver will prepare the dead body for relatives viewing; arrange transportation for the funeral home, dispose of patients used clothes & other things. They can be a comfort provider for the family.

When a person is at the end of Life care, the home nurse/ the assistant can help them ease their pain, help during breathing issues, and irrigation on their skin, digestion problems & fatigue. Here they are not just a home care person who becomes the comfort zone of the patient. They will be patient’s mental, emotional, spiritual support till death. We know that how hard is to lose someone. The person who is dying might be going through a lot of mixed emotions. The home care assistant will take care of that person with love & respect.


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24/7 Access to Expert Help

Everyone has an equal right to get the healthcare services they deserve. We are trying to reduce the complexity of reaching out to the healthcare service provider to give the right healthcare service for these patients’ exact needs by Heal365. Covid 19 has been a big barrier for patients to continue their treatment. Now we can proudly say that we are here to help.

A caregiver will provide person-to-person care for patients at their home itself. The patients may be elderly persons, suffering from serious illness, or differently-abled, or maybe recovering from any kind of surgery, injury, or accident. They can also assist pregnant women and mothers with a new born (antepartum or post partum).

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