Dr Sandhya Menon

I have been fortunate enough to be in the health care sector for some time. During this time I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing Medical Team. They have played a major role in my life. When we decided on starting a business during this unsettling time, we thought what better way than this. This product is our tribute to all healthcare workers who strive daily to provide a better tomorrow for us.

Dr. Sandhya Menon

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Nursing Services

Bystander Services

We at Heal365 understand your importance and the value of your time, especially while a loved one is in hospital. We provide you bystanders who are efficient and will liaise between you and the healthcare provider. These services are mostly for a short duration of time like post surgical recovery, or trauma or any other hospitalisation requirement. They assist in waiting outside the ICU, provide food for the patient, buy medicines and assist them with day to day activities.

Bystander Services
Nursing Services

Nursing Services

Are you in search of a nursing service provider? You are at the right place! Postsurgical care, elderly care, chronic care, urinary catheterization care or other nursing assistance, whatever your need is we assure you the best service. Get these services at your home by highly qualified and experienced nurses.

Nursing Services
Nursing Services


Our physiotherapists are experienced and will assist you with your fastest recovery at the comfort of your home. Physiotherapy can heal your injury, pain, inflammation and will improve mobility, balance and coordination.

Nursing Services

My Medical Records

We understand that in this fast moving and busy world keeping track of the things like medical check-ups and memorizing the next hospital visits is a challenging task. So, we have a solution here. In MY MEDICAL RECORDS section you can easily save and retrieve your medical records and all your previous health information. We also provide a Calendar facility to remind you of your next appointment and even notify you to take your pills at the right time. This also keeps track of your blood glucose levels. The application provides you the facility to save your prescription or discharge summary so that you don’t have to run through your gallery to find it.

Nursing Services

SOS Calls

On a day-to-day basis we go through hundreds of situations that question our safety. And we are compelled to find ways to ensure our safety. So, the SOS service of Heal365 aims to improve people’s safety while they are travelling or and when they sense something amiss. You can send SOS Message to your Primary Contacts by sliding the button and holding it for 3 seconds. After an SOS emergency call, the application lets your EMERGENCY CONTACTS know where you are, your exact current location, voice recordings and pictures

Nursing Services

Medical Equipments

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Result oriented training


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A caregiver will provide person-to-person care for patients at their home itself. The patients may be elderly persons, suffering from serious illness, or specially abled, or may be recovering from any kind of surgery, injury or accident. They can also assist pregnant women and mothers with a newborn.


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    This pandemic era has changed everything around us from top to root. It's a time of breakdown not just physically but mentally and financially. Many around us have lost their loved ones. On this hard time, we are happy to introduce Heal365 through which we provide job security to many especially women. Serving people who are in need is the greatest achievement anyone can have. Heal365 is a healthcare service provider based in Kerala. Our objective is to be a helping hand for people in need of home care. The patients are provided with quality services & good care with compassion and dedication. Our initiative is to make healthcare more accessible and at the comfort of their home.

    We only hire professionals with ample healthcare service background and are verified by the regulatory authorities. To aid easy access to health care at your fingertips, we have a Mobile based home health care application that helps in availing the service wherever you demand and deserve.

    Heal 365
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    Heal at your Fingertip

    Our Application helps you to find the service personnel nearest to your house, and help you throughout the process from doctor consultation to payment gateway at your fingertip. Our trained resources go through regular covid screening to ensure you are not compromised and assures you safe and speedy recovery at the place of your choosing. We provide Nurses and Nursing Aides, bustanders, Dentists and physiotherapists for home service and thereby making health care accessible and thus ensuring everyone gets the service they need.

    Heal 365 is a digitized end-to-end service provider in the home-based health care segment and we look forward to providing you an unparalleled experience as the most trusted partner for home health care.

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    Our team assures you safe and speedy recovery at the comfort of your home.

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