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A caregiver will provide person-to-person care for patients at their home itself. The patients may be elderly persons, suffering from serious illness, or differently-abled, or may be recovering from any kind of surgery, injury or accident. They can also assist pregnant women and mothers with a new born who is undergoing post-delivery care.

A bystander in a hospital is typically someone who is present in the hospital but is not directly involved in the medical care of a patient. This could be a family member or friend who is visiting a patient, or it could be a member of the hospital staff who is not directly involved in the patient’s care, such as a janitor or cafeteria worker. In the context of medical emergencies, a bystander may refer to someone who is present at the scene but is not actively involved in providing medical assistance.

Our bystanders will provide support by observing and assessing the situation of the patient. This may involve looking for signs of distress or injury, evaluating the level of danger or risk, and determining if immediate assistance is needed. They will inform you immediately if there is an emergency or someone needs medical attention. They will provide support and assistance to the person in need, depending on their skills and training. This could involve providing basic first aid, providing comfort and reassurance, or helping to move the person to a safer location, arranging food from the canteen or purchasing medications from the pharmacy. They will stay calm and cooperate with the professionals to ensure that the patient receives the best possible care. Our bystanders are trained to respect the patient’s privacy and confidentiality by not sharing any personal information about the patient or their condition with others, unless authorized to do so.